Webcamming Advice

Webcamming Advice

So you want to be a Cam Girl? Webcamming Advice for creating a fun, lucrative and professional webcam profile

Webcamming Advice for Webcam models, webcam performers or webcam girls? It all means the same thing really – and that is performing live on webcam for a paying audience and potentially making money while you do so! Fancy giving it a go?

Here’s some Webcamming Advice on how to get started and build your online business…

Webcamming Equipment:

The equipment you will need to get started as a webcammer is actually very little; a relatively new computer/laptop ideally with a separate HD webcam and a reliable internet connection.

Add to this a selection of naughty toys and naughty outfits and you’re well on your way!

View full webcam equipment specs here

Choose the site you want to work for:

There are a number of sites out there offering you the opportunity to build a profile and present yourself for adultwork, so, how do you choose?

I would suggest finding a UK based agent with an accessible system in place to answer any questions and help with technical problems that you might run into. ethos is all about the performers, we hold your hand as much as you need and offer face to face Skype Support.


A good agent will offer virtually 24/7 assistance and always respond positively and professionally to your queries no matter how silly they may sound to you. Good support will want you up and running as quickly as possible as they will not be making money unless you are!

Knowing yourself:

Take the time to understand your sexual likes and dislikes. This part of knowing yourself is not only an essential part of providing a genuine experience for the paying client but it is key to having fun online – and fun at the end of the day is what this line of work is all about.

If you are not enjoying something it’s very much likely to show. A good agent will take the time to work with you to create your profile so that it truly reflects who you are and what you wish to offer.

Build on your profile:

Webcam Work will upload movies & photo sets that you have made, items for sale that you use in shows. Movies are a great way of having your profile make you money whilst you are not available to cam.

Consider the environment you want to work in:

The first contact between you and a potential client is visual and if the cam is not clear or the light is either too dim or too glary they’ll move on.

Fortunately the webcam software we provide allows you to see yourself as you cam – so keep an eye on this to make sure you know exactly what you look like and what you are broadcasting.

Of course what you choose to wear is important but the key to business is always the eyes and the smile – they show that you are having genuine fun and engaged and that you are a real person, wanting to be where you are.

Find your work/life balance:

Decide which working hours are going to fit in most easily with your other life commitments. Webcam work is literally 24/7; it never stops – find what works for you and try to make sure that you cam regularly and consistently.

Of course some people are only looking for a quick session and you will never see them again. A great many will come back time and time again and if you are not there chances are they will find someone else and spend the money intended for you with them. BUT: never feel pressured to work. If it feels like it’s too much take a break. Log off for a cup of tea or a shower . Whatever works for you to get your mojo back and carry on.


Be confident! You really don’t have to look like a porn star to be a successful webcam model– it’s all about positive attitude, engaging with the people in your room and letting your personality shine through.

Be honest:

When Joe Blogs asks if you’ll do something on cam answer honestly. Don’t be afraid to say no – wish him well in his search and almost ten times out of ten you’ll get a positive response to that honesty. Also try to take the time to remember your clients and be prepared to engage in conversation in the free room – if they wanted sexual relief with no interaction they’d be accessing one of the very many free porn sites that are available nowadays.

Have fun!!:

Enjoy your time online – enjoy the experiences, enjoy chats and the jokes and roll with it. Have a blast, make some money and go to sleep at night knowing that you are in an aces job where in terms of earning, the sky really is the limit!!

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Webcamming Advice